BIG WIPES Automotive Interior Protectant Wipes

big wipes interior protectant wipes review

Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: BIG WIPES Automotive Interior Protectant Wipes 40 wipes – £4.99

We found these to work as well as the Interior Wipes on the dash, doors and centre console. They went a long way and have plenty of moisture packed into them and getting into the more annoying dusty gaps was easy work. They picked up all the dust well and didn’t just spread it around the surfaces.

They leave a nice Matt finish and have UV protectants in them which will protect your interior plastics in the long run. However, we found that their Interior Wipes did just as good a job and did many more jobs than these wipes so were better value for money overall.

8/10 Good at what they do, and well priced, but the Interior Wipes do more. Buy them if you want to UV protect your car’s plastics.

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