BIG WIPES Automotive Interior Wipes

Big wipes interior wipes

Upholstery Cleaner Test: BIG WIPES Automotive Interior Wipes 40 wipes – £4.99

Now these were pleasantly surprising to us. They worked excellently and did far more than we expected they would. They promise to remove not only dust from the dash and doors, but also grime from carpets and upholstery too. And they did. Very well. They cleared up an extremely dusty dash with no fuss at all, and left no lint behind either. We liked the fact they got into all the little gaps where dust gathers, like around the gear-gaiter holder. They also cleaned up some rather bad stains from the seats and head-lining with ease. One wipe goes a long way and will clean up all the dash, the front doors and centre console.

These wipes leave a natural Matt finish. One slight negative – they left a slightly streaky finish to ‘flat’ plastics. However, we found that once the wipe is dry you can use it to polish off the streaks. The wipes leave no stickiness on hands either, in fact you can use them to keep you hands clean as they are dermatologically tested – cool!

9/10 Superb product. Great value for money and handy to keep in the car too.

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