Reviewed! Britemax Interior Dressing – A Versatile Performer Gives A Good Finish

Leaves a fairly natural and non-greasy finish, smells superb

Spray pattern not fine enough

Britemax Interior Dressing?

Britemax do some effective and excellent value detailing/valeting products so we’ve got high hopes for their interior dressing. Interior Dressing is intended to be impressively versatile and Britemax claim it’ll work just as good on plastics and vinyls throughout your car and not just inside but under the bonnet, on tyres and mouldings as well vinyl trim and tops. Sounds good, and in our tests we found it did work very well on a variety of surfaces.
Britemax Interior Dressing

What finish does it give?

test and review of Britemax Interior Dressing by

Both in finish and feel, Britemax’s Interior Dressing is great. The shine is not overly deep, and furnishes trim with a smart look, and as there is no silicone in it (spray shop safe) the feel left behind is just like a waxed paint surface. There’s none of that sticky, gross residue left behind as some interior shines do – ready to ruin your best shirt sleeve, should you happen to lean on the door when driving.

Another plus with it not leaving behind a gummy finish or feel is that dust doesn’t tend to settle and stick to the surfaces as easily – helping to keep your interior cleaner, easier.

Whatever car’s trim you use the Interior Dressing on, it will not cheapen the look of it – but rather we found it improves it greatly and retains a smart finish.

How long does it last?

Car door plastic trim after treatment with Britemax Interior Dressing

After many a test, we found it lasted for a good 2 – 3 weeks on average, and even then, a simple wipe-over on the trim with damp cloth will bring back a decent amount of shine.

We also used their Interior Dressing on the plastics and rubber in the engine bay (once we’d cleaned it using Britemax Grime Out), and it gave some superb results! The parts we used it on were given a fresh, vibrant and new look – and popping the hood a week or so later, it still looked just as great, even though we’d driven through a few downpours in that time.

Any other good stuff?

The Britemax Interior dressing smells great, and has the scent of freshly squeezed Orange juice. The aroma hangs around for a few days after you’ve used it too, which is nice. We also like the fact this is body-shop safe as no silicone’s are used. Lack of silicones also means a lack of that horrible, greasy finish that some dressings stuffed with silicone are guilty of giving.

At £12.95 for over 700ml of product, it may seem pricy but the Interior Dressing goes far and lasts a decent while, plus you are buying a quality product – you clearly get what you pay for here.

Any drawbacks?

Testing the Britemax Interior Dressing on a vehicle interior

The sprayer nozzle on the bottle we had fired too much product out, and the spray pattern itself tends to splatter the Interior Dressing, rather than misting it onto the surface. This is okay for larger surfaces, but for your dash and smaller areas it can make a mess of glass etc.

Overall Score 8.5 / 10

Need-To-Know Info:

Price: 709ml (24 fl. oz) – £12.95 / 3.78L (1 u.s Gal.) – £29.99

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