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Car Air Freshener Shop customised air freshener

Car air fresheners may seem a very small part of car ownership, but it can be the difference between you sitting in a vehicle that stinks of old cigarette smoke and perhaps that oh-so-wonderful whiff of damp dog, or driving along with a pleasant odour wafting around your pride and joy’s interior.

An air freshener also provides a bit of personality to your car. Everyone has their favourites when it comes to scents, and whether you love the smell of bubblegum for its reminding you of your youth, or vanilla, cranberry, cherry or blueberry for your most-liked food or drink, or even the smell of fresh laundry, it’s all available.

Car Air Freshener Shop specialises completely in bringing your favourite fragrances to your vehicle. Actually, to say simply that would undersell these guys completely. Based in the UK and in business since 2010, they are absolutely passionate about the products they sell, and the work they do.

We interview Car Air Freshener Shop Managing Director Luke to find out what’s special about his business, and where the passion comes from.

A few samples of Car Air Freshener Shop's high quality customised car scents

How did the business come about Luke? ” I love cars, and my strongest sense is my sense of smell. The idea to set up a company that specialises in air fresheners solely for cars came to me over a Latte. Since then, we’ve gone from strength-to-strength, building relationships with big clients as well as small businesses, and we’re still growing. It’s great!”.

As well as having a great selection of available car air fresheners such as California Scents, Jelly Belly, Yankee Candle, Autoglym, Mighty Oak, and more, the mainstay of the business is their custom air fresheners. This is where is gets way more interesting. If you or your business want to promote themselves, one of the most effective ways is to have something hanging in front of people’s faces for a lot of the time. Where else better than in their car, truck, lorry or van?

So, what do you offer, and why should people use you? MD Luke talks us through it “Even though we’re not the cheapest, our quality is far superior to our competitors. For one, our custom fresheners are made in the UK, our competitors are often made in Eastern Europe or China. Therefore our turnaround time is quicker and our quality is better.”

That’s fair enough, but how else do they stand out? “Our fragrances are accredited by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) to ensure they are quality fragrances” says Luke. “They’re also safe to use and match their descriptions. None of our competitors can say this.”

Car Air Freshener Shop custom car air freshener

Why businesses use Car Air Freshener Shop is also something that many can attest to, the fact that their fragrances aren’t those cheap, headachey ones you find in garages. Luke explains, “The biggest reason why we stand out from the rest is because of the way we manufacture our fragrances. They are all made from essential and/or natural oils. Our competitors often use water-based artificial fragrances which smell overly sweet and cheap”. Anything else? “Absolutely! The benefit of using essential oils is that the fragrances have a higher quality to them, they smell better, and because oil takes much longer to evaporate, the fragrance lasts much longer too.

So, even after all that good stuff, surely in this economy people normally go for the best price? “As mentioned”, Luke says, “we’re not the cheapest, but we are very clear in our pricing. there’s no hidden costs. Everything is included in our pricing including basic artwork design, custom shape, free delivery, full colour print and double sided print. We also don’t believe in charging extra for colour etc”.

Okay, so that’s that, but most importantly can you do customised scents? “Absolutely!”, Luke answers enthusiastically, “but better still, we don’t charge extra either. To create a custom fragrance, we simply need a sample. We’ve made air fresheners for a leading high street coffee chain as they wanted their freshener to smell exactly like a Latte. We’ve even done a cupcake fragrance!”.

This is more interesting than we’d expected, to be honest. So what’s the coolest or craziest air fresheners you’ve ever created? “We made some custom fresheners for a wedding quite recently. Actually a great idea! As a gift from the bride and groom to their guests they had a custom fresheners scented in Rose made to hand out to everyone that attended”. “We also did some custom fresheners for a huge hotel chain (can’t disclose who). They were building a series of all-new hotels and the construction company wanted some custom fresheners to go in every room in the hotel to make them smell nice after the work. They chose a lovely Cranberry scent to go in all 600 rooms”.

Car Air Freshener Shop's various large clients

Impressive stuff, so who have you worked with that you can name? “I don’t like to blow my own trumpet” says Luke, “but I do sincerely believe we have more prestigious clients in the market than anyone else. To name a few; Royal Mail, Mercedes-Benz (commercial vehicles), SEAT, Wavin, Autobrite Direct, Terravision, Ocado, Auto Trader, Liverpool FC, and Costa”.
Finally, what’s your personal favourite of every fragrance you’ve made or sell? A sharp withdrawing of breath, and Luke thinks for a while, before answering – “Wow, that’s a tough choice! I’d say Cranberry is my all-time favourite. Sweet and mouthwatering, it’s one of those fragrances you can talk about enthusiastically, but until you smell it you’ll never appreciate how good it is! Then again, I also love Spring Water too. A very refreshing fragrance, and awesome for the summer”.
If, like us, you’re finding it hard wading through the many, many car fragrances available to choose from, there’s a good article written by Luke on his blog named ‘What’s the best car air freshener?‘. Have a read, and if you’ve got any FAQ’s for the Car Air Freshener Shop, then click here.

If you would like to Contact Car Air Freshener Shop, then visit their Contact Us page or phone 0800 310 1022

Car Air Freshener Shop custom car air freshener

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