CarPlan EcoCar Dash Cleaner

car plan eco dash cleaner review

Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: CarPlan EcoCar Dash Cleaner 500 ml – £4.99

A pump action spray. We were highly impressed with this as a cleaner. It doesn’t leave any shine behind, but rather does what it says on the bottle and cleans. It cleans very well too as it happens. It will cut through dust and grime easily and removed any marks that were present on the door panels. It left a neutral and non-sticky finish which we liked, and brought up plastics and rubber trim up superbly and also smelt really good too (Ginger and Lime scents we thought). It’s also eco-friendly so any of you that worry about environmental issues can rest as it ‘contains coconut derived detergents; vegetable based glossing agents and natural fragrances’. A slight negative is that the spray came out too fast and covered too much of a large area, getting onto the glass and upholstery.

9/10 An excellent interior cleaner. It is well priced, smells great and is eco-friendly too.

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