CarPlan Flash Dash Citrus Dashboard Shine

car plan flash dash dashboard shine

Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: CarPlan Flash Dash Citrus Dashboard Shine 500 ml – £3.99

An aerosol spray. If you like a nice shine to your cars plastic, then this product should be rather suitable for you. It can be sprayed directly onto the surface or applied onto a cloth first, preventing overspray onto glass or car seats etc. It worked well and is easy to apply on both flat and textures surfaces, leaving a shiny but non-greasy finish. The finish wasn’t overly ‘rich’ and has a nice silky look to it. At 500 ml, the can should last a while as not too much is needed to cover large areas. It smells nice too and also comes in 4 other scents (Wild Fruit, Vanilla, Orange, Apple). The only slight negative is that when spraying it can be slightly overpowering and chemically, but fine once the excess is wiped off and the product has dried.

The shine should last around 2 weeks, although the scent wears off after about 3 days depending on how often the car is used.

Note: Make sure you apply this product in a well ventilated area. Keep your car doors and windows open, and if using in a garage leave the garage door open too.

8/10 Does a good job at a budget price, leaves a nice silky finish and smells pretty good too.

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6 responses to “CarPlan Flash Dash Citrus Dashboard Shine”


    I would like to draw your attention to the flash dash dashboard shine (fresh citrus), the company who makes this product have changed the formula to one that is silicone free and is water based.
    Absolutely useless if you have used the previous one as the new one takes the shine away.
    Have contacted the company who makes this product and was informed that the old one is still available but it would appear that stockists are ordering in the new one.
    Have changed the design on the can as well.


    the new style product is for sale at asda’s, sorry it took so long to reply

  3. Doreen Puaha

    Where can I purchase the Vanilla Fragrance of the CarPlan Dashboard Shine in Perth please. I am just about at the end of my can. I don’t use it in my car I use it in the house and the smell last for ages. Love it.

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