CarPlan Flash Dash car cleaning wipes (matt and glossy)

Car plan dash wipes review

Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: CarPlan Flash Dash Wipes (Matt & Glossy) 15 Wipes – £1.49/25 Wipes £2.99

We weren’t impressed with either the Glossy or Matt versions of these wipes. Although they had plenty of moisture, they didn’t pick up dirt very well, and tended to push it around instead. They also left a lot of streaking on both textured and flat surfaces, and even after using a soft cloth afterwards to buff them out, they were quite stubborn to remove.

The whole point of car interior cleaning wipes is to be able to do it all in one go, and these just didn’t come up to standard. They are available in several different scents including Citrus Orange and Apple.

You are far better off using CarPlan’s Flash Dash Dashboard Shine.

4/10 These wipes failed to impress. They didn’t pick up dirt well enough and left behind a lot of streaks.

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    These are great!

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