CarPlan Interior Valet

carplan interior valet reviewUpholstery Cleaner Test: CarPlan Interior Valet 400 ml – £3.90

An aerosol spray foam with cleaning brush for car upholstery and carpets. We tested this product on some fairly dirty seats and carpets which had ingrained dirt and stains within the material. We recommend spraying an area of only about 20 cm x 20 cm at a time as the foam disperses quite quickly. After spraying the area and using the removable plastic brush provided with the can, we were able to get some impressive results.

The product worked quickly and effectively to remove the stains, and cleaned away any dust and dirt that had collected in the seams of the seats. It left the materials looking refreshed and very clean. Really dirty sections needed a couple of goes with it. It left a nice citrus smell behind. We’d recommend leaving the seats for at least an hour after as they do get slightly damp in the process.

8/10 Cleaned carpets and seats well and left behind a nice smell. Easy to use product.

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  1. Harry

    I’m a big fan of this product. Cleaned my long-neglected car easily and left a great freshly-valeted smell.

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