Nanolex Odex Car Odour Remover Review

Recently, I bought a new (to me) car, and unfortunately the previous owner had not only smoked the most vile cigarettes in it, but also transported two very stinky dogs around too. Not a good combination! I’ve also had cars where it’s hard to trace that slight smell of damp, as a few people do with older vehicles. The question is, what is the best odour eliminator for your car? Without obviously testing each and every one, I can’t say fully, but I do know that Nanolex ODEX works incredibly well!


How does it work? Nanolex state that ‘ODEX chemically bonds to unpleasant, odor-intensive organic substances and neutralizes them very quickly instead of just masking them.

What sort of smells will ODEX neutralise? Tobacco, pets, spilled milk, vomit etc.

What areas can you use it on? ODEX is water-based, and therefore safe on any surface (within reason, obviously always avoid electrics).

Test time

Nanolex ODEX comes in two sizes; 200ml and 750ml. I was sent the larger 750ml size, which was good as my own vehicle – a large, 7-seat Mitsubishi Shogun 4×4 – needed almost every part of the interior doing with ODEX, as smoke permeates every single surface in a car, and the dog smell always seems to linger for ages in cars.

First off, I had the carpets gone over with a wet-vacuum, to draw out any ingrained dirt and grime. The carpet cleaner had pretty much a neutral scent, so that wouldn’t mask any of the stink I was have to suffer each time I opened the door to my car.


That done (the water from the carpets was dark, so they hadn’t been cleaned in a long time), I sprayed ODEX liberally over the carpets, boot area, plastic trim and roof lining, before simply leaving it to settle. Regarding the plastic trim, after I’d left it a few minutes I wiped the areas over to make sure there were no streak marks left behind.

TIP: always firstly spray your car’s over-mats, remove those and then spray the carpets and leave them to dry at least overnight, if not a couple of days, before putting your over-mats backs down, otherwise you could run the risk of trapping the damp under the mats, which will lead to mildew.

Regarding how much you need for one car, even after using it heavily on my own large vehicle, and a friend’s car (a BMW 528 Tourer), I still had at least half of the bottle left over, so if you’re only planning on using it once, the smaller version will do, but should you want to do your family’s and/or friend’s cars, buy the larger size.


What I like about Nanolex ODEX is that it is free of any fragrance, and therefore cannot simply mask smells with a powerful scent, as some odour ‘eliminators’ do. In other words, there’s no hiding it if ODEX doesn’t actually do the job.

Nanolex state that ODEX will neutralise smells in just a matter of minutes, and in my friend’s BMW (which had a slight smell musty dog aroma) it seemed to work well, and the air smelled clear around 15 – 20 minutes after I’d used it.

Leave it overnight, and the results will be even better, as it’s then had time to work its way into the fibres of the carpets etc.

Overall, whether you’ve got one of those cars where you simply can’t work out where that musty smell is coming from, or perhaps had a water leak in the past and the smell is still there, or perhaps like me you bought it from a smoker, Nanolex ODEX is perfect for making your vehicle smell fresh and clean once more.



Product Nanolex ODEX odour eliminator
Features Eliminates bad odours within minutes, fragrance-free, water-based, can be used on any surface (always avoid electrics though)
Dilution N/A
Prices (UK)  GBP: 200ml: £9.00 | 750ml: £15.00

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies

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