ProShine Tyre and Trim Shine – Trim Shine Review

Proshine tyre and trim shine reviewProShine

Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: ProShine Tyre and Trim Shine 8 fl oz (240ml) – £7.95

If shine is a must on your car’s interior, than this is a good product to use. Not much is needed, and you can simply spray it straight onto a cloth, rather than your plastics, to save mess. It does give a really high shine to exterior and interior plastics with no effort at all, even if they are faded. To us, it has a bit too much silicone in for our liking, and left the interior a little bit too slippery, even when we used another cloth to take off some of the shine.

A plus is that it’s great for plastic (non-painted) bumpers and wing mirrors, and restored old and faded parts instantly. Just make sure you fully remove any excess, otherwise this stuff will streak as soon as the exterior trim gets wet.

It can also be used on tyres. See our Tyre Shine review.

7/10 Works well on exterior trim and gives a deep shine, but did leave the interior plastics a little slippery and doesn’t last too well.

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