Smartwax Smartdressing

Smartwax Smartdressing test and review

Tyre Shine Test: Smartwax Smartdressing 150 ml – £7.44 / 473 ml – £9.00 / 16oz – $9.00

A gel. Immediately impressive. Only a very small amount is needed to give your tyres a very good look. It brings tyres back to life, it smells pleasant (coconut) which unusual for a tyre dressing but still a nice touch, leaves a non-greasy finish and lasts well in all weather conditions.

Smartdressing is really easy to apply, and no extra wiping in needed, as you just apply some of the product onto a cloth and wipe it onto the surface and that’s it! It leaves even old tyres looking like new. You can also use Smartdressing on your cars interior plastics and vinyl too, as it has no harsh chemicals in that will damage them. The price is very good as a little goes a long way.

Go for the larger 473ml size as you’ll get a whole 323ml extra for just £1.56 more!

9/10 Easy to apply, lasts a long time and leaves a really excellent finish.

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