Valet PRO Interior Revived

ValetPro car Interior Revived Spray review

Car Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: Valet PRO Interior Revived – 500 ml – £4.62

An aerosol spray. We found this stuff to be excellent and it really does do exactly what it says on the can. This isn’t a cleaner though, so make sure your door panels etc have any ingrained dirt removed first.

After lightly misting the product onto the car’s interior trim, we used a microfibre cloth to polish it up.

The finish on both flat and textured plastics looks very classy and gives a good shine without being overly glossy (which a lot of silicone sprays are guilty of). Any plastics that looked tired or even faded were refreshed and perked up again and a rich lustre was added to them.

The Interior Revived spray also neutralises bad smells well too.We used it on an interior that smelled strongly of dog and the bad odour was halved a couple of days later after the initial nice scent of the spray had gone.

When used again the bad odour all but disappeared. A small negative is the slightly overpowering scent when the spray is being used (we recommend opening all the car doors and and use it in a well ventilated area).

A huge plus with this product is that the shine will last for absolutely weeks and weeks. We couldn’t believe just how long it did last, and the shine just would not budge! Excellent.

9/10 Good price, leaves a very classy and crisp finish on interior trim and also revives it excellently too. Will last for weeks and weeks.

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