ValetPRO Talos Protectant Review – Tested on Interior Trim

Valet PRO Talos Protectant 500ml

Interior Plastic and Trim Products Test: Valet PRO Talos Protectant 500 ml – £8.50

Update: Talos Protectant is now known as Valet PRO Classic Protectant and now comes in a spray bottle.

Classic Protectant / Talos Protectant from ValetPRO is well and truly excellent product!

It can be used both neat or diluted down (1:1 or 1:4 parts water) so first off the value for money is great.

We used a household pump-action spray bottle and the results we got from testing the product on plastic and rubber trim were: in neat form the finish is beautifully silky and classy without having a ‘siliconed’ cheap look, whether it’s on flat or textured plastics. Hardly any is needed as a little goes far.

After it had been buffed off, the trim also resisted fingerprints too. The feel of the trim afterwards feels almost like a waxed car would.

Used in 1:1 diluted form the finish is still superb and leaves as good a finish as the neat, if slightly less glossy. If diluted 1:4 the finish left is natural and leaves plastics looking fresh. Note that this product does not clean trim. (Can also be used as a Tyre Shine and on Exterior Trim)

10/10 Unbeatable value for money and one of the best interior protectors we’ve every used

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Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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2 responses to “ValetPRO Talos Protectant Review – Tested on Interior Trim”

  1. pascal vallette

    sorry for my english! i have talos protectant, it a a good product! i have bought a peugeot 306 cabriolet with a a black “roof?” textil. Can i use talos protectant on it, (dilution 1:6, 1:10, more, less? ) for having anti uv and beading effect?
    i imagine spay it on, after wash with vp apc 1:4, and use a brush to uniformised.
    is it ok, or forbidden?
    i read better than i wright.
    i use many of you products(clay, citrus bling, apc, protectant, concentrated shamp, bilberry, and all are fabulous !
    thanks for you answers.

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