Bridgestone Weather Control A005 All-Season Tyres Tested!

How to choose the correct tyres for your car and environment

When choosing tyres, it’s important to remember that they are the only part of the car keeping you in contact with the road. It’s hugely vital to buy not only good quality tyres, but ones that suit your particular vehicle, the environment you live in, how you will normally use your car, and of course the season. Summer tyres in winter don’t work well, and vice versa.

Because I live in the North of England, UK, the weather is about as mixed as it gets and is often unpredictable, with heavy rain and surprisingly chilly days in summer, before switching to a heatwave the next day. Winter brings a hugely mixed bag of weather – sometimes all in one day – of cold temperatures, but not enough to snow, to the ground starting to freeze and with it icy rain and snow, and then back to being way above zero Celcius the next day.

Those mostly-unpredictable weather conditions meant I needed a tyre that will suit every type of weather and all temperatures. Generally, in my part of the UK, we don’t get enough of a bad winter to warrant the extra cost of buying, fitting, and storing a separate set of winter tyres, so all-season ones were clearly the best choice.

Wanting to bring you, the readers (and YouTube watchers) a genuine long-term review of a set of tyres, one that you will find helpful in choosing your next set of rubber, I chatted to Bridgestone and they kindly sent out their new Bridgestone Weather Control A005 all-season tyres for me to test.

Why choose Bridgestone Weather Control A005 all-season tyres?

In this section, I’ll go over Bridgestone’s own points on the tyres, and in the next, I’ll share my thoughts on them.

Bridgestone’s description: Bridgestone Weather Control A005 handles all year-round weather conditions while offering the best control on a rainy day – from highway turns to unexpected braking in the city.

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Tread design: The tread design features a V-shape layout, innovative ‘Z’ side shape and high-volume slots in the shoulder of the pattern. It works with the optimised body construction and contact pressure distribution to ensure the tyre performs to the expectations of end-users in terms of grip, fuel efficiency and wear. The use of Bridgestone’s proprietary Nano Pro-TechTM technology and a high silica content further support the performance of the tyre. 

  • Achieved best-in-class wet grip index rating, with EU label grade ‘A’.
  • Certified ‘3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake’ (3PMSF) marking, only given to all-season and winter tyres after meeting the conditions of rigorous testing by EU (and other countries) authorities.
  • Weather Control A005 offers same wear life as the premium Bridgestone Turanza T005 summer tyre,
  • Certified by TÜV SÜD, one of Europe’s most respected independent automotive testing institutes, Bridgestone Weather Control A005 outperforms the leading competitor on the market for braking in both wet and snowy condition (2019 when written).
  • Available with 68 sizes for 15” to 20” rims. Covers demand for 94% of passenger cars and on-road SUVs.
  • Fuel efficiency (rolling resistance) rating: C (B on certain sizes) | Noise level: 2 (70 – 72 db) | Wet rating: A

Watch my Bridgestone Weather Control A005 video review below

My test of the Bridgestone Weather Control A005

It’s been almost a year since I had the Weather Control tyres fitted. Bridgestone sent a set for my all-wheel-drive 2006 Lexus RX 400h, and another set for a permanent four-wheel-drive 2002 Lexus RX300. Both of these may have all-wheel-drive capability, but the physical driving feel and grip between the AWD and 4WD is prominent.

The RX 400h is driven primarily through the front wheels, sending power to the rears when grip lost. But the bias being via the front wheels does strangely give torque steer when accelerating hard, and grip has to be lost before that AWD system comes into play, even if it’s only for a literal second or two. It’s all backed up by computers making hundreds or even thousands of power delivery decisions per second. Incredible stuff, and I’m still impressed with the system even after owning the car for a while now.

The RX 300’s 4WD system gives a completely different feel, as there’s no loss of traction even when accelerating hard. It’s old-school mechanical compared with the RX 400h’s computerised hybrid system. If you’ve driven anything with permanent 4WD, you’ll know the secure, confident drive it provides.

No matter the system though, if you have the wrong tyre choice on, or have cheaply-made and cheaply-sold rubber, having power delivered to all four wheels only makes a degree of difference to a front or rear wheel drive car. In heavy rainfall at higher speeds – such as a motorway – you’ll still see 4WD/AWD vehicles lose control when hitting standing water, or having the wrong tyre choice when so much water has built up in the tyre that they aquaplane, which is like trying to control a vehicle on pure ice. You can’t.

Stick a set of Bridgestone Weather Control A005 tyres on a front or rear-wheel-drive car, and in bad weather and snow they will easily out-perform a 4WD/AWD vehicle on summer tyres in terms of grip and corning control.

Having the Weather Control A005 tyres fitted to two vehicles for every season of the year and over thousands of miles, means I’ve been able to thoroughly test them, and give you my feedback. This is an unbiased review, and I have not been paid for this. I’ve made it easier to go through by breaking it down per season.

Spring and Summer testing

March and April can still be fairly chilly here in the UK, and we’ve even seen snowfall during these months. If you have winter tyres fitted, you’d just be starting think of swapping them back over to summer rubber again. You might already have been duped into doing it by a few pleasant, warmer days, only for the cold temperatures to suddenly set back in and snow to fall! If there’s ever a time to find a set of true all-season, all-condition tyres useful, Bridgestone’s Weather Control ones will see you right when the elements bounce about crazily.

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May to August sees temperatures rise, and with summers seemingly getting warmer every year (2019 saw some of the hottest days on record in the UK), the advantage of a tyre that can tackle not only the cold of deepest winter but the 30-plus Celcius temperatures of summer cannot be underestimated. I love that the Weather Control A005 still offers levels of grip where I can have grin-inducing fun on the most winding sections of tarmac, even during the heights of summertime heat, allowing me to push on through corners with confidence.

The downside of the heat of summer and going without rain for days or even weeks without rain means that once the skies do open finally, the roads become ultra-greasy because of the water washing oily deposits that sit on the tarmac straight to the surface. I’ve spun out on roundabouts before because of this, where the road becomes so slippery it’s almost like driving on ice. Even an AWD Subaru (with summer tyres fitted) I once had on test started sliding straight ahead towards to the large kerb-edge of the roundabout, before eventually a bit of decent control (if I may say so m’self) and the computer systems pulled it back in line.

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So, it’s a huge advantage to have tyres that give such good grip not only in the heat and dry of summertime, but for when the roads quickly become greasy and slippery when the rain falls. Again, I can’t fault the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 tyres for their performance in Spring and Summer.

Autumn and Wintertime testing

Autumn (September to November) usually starts getting noticeably chilly in October, when we’re almost always hit by rain which can last for days and days on end, the temperature starts to drop into single figures, leaves from the trees fall making the road surface slippery, mud is washed from the sides of – and onto – our country roads, heavy rain leads to standing water and deep puddles. Constantly-changing weather patterns can see dry roads and double-digit temperatures turn to heavy rain and cold air even within the space of an hour.

If there’s ever a tyre you need for such mixed and variable conditions, then I absolutely found the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 lives up to anything thrown at it during winter. They push through deeper, standing water without effort, and shrug off heavy rain as though it were a summer’s day. I found the grip levels to be exceptional throughout all the nastier weather, giving even our heavy Lexus SUVs with their taller sidewalls a level of grip that provided confidence in all conditions and on all road surfaces.

On motorways, when heavy rain occurs – and especially in bunched-up traffic -, driving can be a nerve-wracking experience should heavy braking be needed suddenly, or when the rain literally puts rivers across the road and you start to see spun-out vehicles. However, my experience was that the Weather Control A005 tyres provided the grip level necessary to keep going, lowering stress with the knowledge that these top-level ‘A’ wet-rated tyres are designed to do their job well in exactly these types of conditions.

December to March are our usually our colder months, although this winter (Dec. 2018 – Mar. 2019) in our part of the UK we only got a few very cold days, and any real snow covering was rare and short-lived. As explained earlier, for me that’s exactly why it’s worth buying all-season tyres instead of a separate set of winter rubber.

Still, I was able to get out a couple of times in the brief, light snowfall, and the Weather Control tyres did impress me hugely. I deliberately accelerated hard on the snow-covered roads, and it was immediately clear the Bridgestone all-season tyres were doing their job brilliantly, giving excellent grip from both a standing start and when cornering. It’s a pity we didn’t get more snow and ice, as there’s a good degree of fun driving through it all with these grippy tyres fitted.

All said, I have nothing but positives for Bridgestone Weather Control A005 tyres for the autumn and winter periods.

For more information, or to find out where you can buy a set of these superb tyres, visit either or

Words: Chris Davies | Photography/Video: Chris Davies

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