Handpresso Auto Capsule In-Car 12/24-volt Espresso Maker Review

Handpresso Auto Capsule Espresso maker?

In 2012 (is it really that long ago already?) I reviewed the Handpresso Auto E.S.E in-car espresso maker and thought it was an entirely excellent thing. While that machine is still available, for 2018, Handpresso has released another one to keep up with the hugely popular capsule-using coffee machines out there, the same type that Nespresso machines use. I was sent the rather cool 12/24 volt Handpresso Auto Capsule Set to test and review and find out if it’s any good, and if it’s worth the asking price.

What is included with the Handpresso Auto Capsule Set?

While you can buy the Auto Capsule machine separately for around £170.00/ 195.00€ (prices correct January 2019), for my money I would opt for the ultra-smart Auto Capsule Set, which is priced at £215.00 / 245.00€. Yes, that seems like a fair amount of money, but allow me to explain. The Handpresso Auto Capsule is a genuinely high-quality espresso machine that is powered using your vehicle’s 12 or 24-volt outlet, and produces a bona-fide superb shot of coffee, all from the comfort of your car, in just 2.5 minutes.

There’s no mess, no fuss and it allows you to pull over any time and have a beautiful espresso without having to buy an exorbitantly-priced one from a garage, shop or service station. This is where the set comes into its own, as it has everything you need in one neat package.

Included with the Handpresso Auto Capsule Set is;

  • A high-quality zip-up hard carrying case with handle and internal cut-outs
  • 12/24v Handpresso Auto Capsule machine
  • A capsule storage holder
  • Two ‘unbreakable’ espresso shot glasses
  • Handpresso material napkin
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction leaflets

How to use the Handpresso Auto Capsule Espresso Machine

Using the Handpresso Auto Capsule is as simple as can be. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have excellent espresso on-the-go in around 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

  1. Plug the Handpresso Auto Capsule into your vehicle’s 12 or 24-volt outlet, and sit it in a secure place where it won’t fall over.
  2. Pour water into the machine slowly, until the white light turns green.
  3. Place a coffee capsule into the correct position, and twist on the lid until the two white lines are together.
  4. Press the lit ‘on’ button, and wait until the display reads 100%, which is when it is ready to pour.
  5. Turn the Handpresso Auto Capsule upside down and over the cup or espresso glass, then click the manually-operated button with the cup image and allow the espresso to pour.
  6. Once it’s finished pouring, click the stop button.
  7. Drink your lovely shot of espresso!

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Watch my video review of the Handpresso Auto Capsule

Testing the Handpresso Auto Capsule Set

Having the Handpresso Auto Capsule Set means you can take the kit with you anywhere, and thanks to the perfect cut-out slots for each item, nothing will roll around or rattle. There’s something immensely satisfying and cool about opening the well-made carry case and being greeted by a James Bond style espresso kit.

It really does feel like both the kit and the Handpresso machine have been manufactured to a very high standard, and it certainly provides on a value-for-money aspect. As mentioned, I’ve had the E.S.E Pod version since 2012, and it’s still working perfectly. As long you clean it properly it’ll keep going, so the build quality isn’t in dispute.

Go online or to a decent supermarket, and the choice of manufacturers selling coffee capsules is broad, as is the taste and strength selection so getting one to suit your palate won’t be a problem. Once you’ve got the ones you want, use the provided holder in the kit to keep both the new and used ones in, keeping mess to a minimum.

The Handpresso Auto Capsule is incredibly easy and straightforward to use, which is part of the beauty of it. It’s designed to provide you with a nice hot shot of espresso at your own convenience, and it does!

If you’re on the road a lot, motorway services charge a fortune for whatever you buy, including coffee. Instead of buying their overpriced coffee, using the Handpresso Capsule machine would save you a good amount of money per year. If, like me, you like a cup of coffee rather than an espresso, simply keep a small bottle of milk in a cool bag or 12/24-volt cooler (around £25.00) in your car, along with a milk whisk (around £5.00), and you can quickly make an Americano or Cappuccino-type coffee in no time.

But whatever you’re using it for, whether that be van life, doing outdoor stuff and want a nice hot coffee when you get back to the car, or even use it at home with the 220-volt adapter, the Handpresso Auto Capsule is a superb espresso machine that will serve you well for years to come.

Words: Chris Davies | Photography & film: Chris Davies

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