Iceplane Ice Scraper review – Simple, Effective, Ergonomic

Ergonomic & quick to use, good grip, well-priced, removes ice twice as quick as normal

Blades dent easily, stubby ‘hand-held’ design means limited reach for large ‘screens


ICEPLANE snow and ice car window windscreen scraper

They say the best inventions are simple but effective ones. In the case of the Iceplane ice scraper, this is absolutely the case. Walking past a stall at an international motor show, we noticed the Iceplane and it grabbed out attention, not because it was showy or bling-tastic, but for the fact it looked simplistic and unusual (for an ice scraper).

Like many car owners, over the years we’ve bought and used a ton of different ice scrapers – those ones with the mitt to keep your hand warm, cheapo ones with barely any grip, credit-card sized versions that dig into your palm, long-reach scrapers, wide ones, narrow ones – you name it, we’ve almost certainly tried it.

They always seem to go missing after the winter is over – a bit like ‘losing’ a sock in the washing machine – and it’s back to buying another from the local petrol station or online.

Admittedly, usually we’d not review something like a simple tool for removing ice from your windscreen, but as every winter there’s the bane of clearing the windows using tools are almost always a pain to use, and usually take an age to clear the windows of ice, we thought we’d grab one and try it out for effect.

The Iceplane is quite literally a home-grown product, and came about when a window glazer came out to his van in -15˚C (5˚F), had no scraper to hand and so used a piece of V-shaped plastic facia. It worked so well that the inventor decided to develop and patent the Iceplane. The name comes from the fact that his scraper acts like a joiner’s plane because of the fixed blades.

The inventor says that the Iceplane is way more effective than a normal ice scraper, but we’re going to test that theory out. So is this the best ice scarper to buy? Read on to see how it does…

Test time

ICEPLANE snow and ice car window windscreen scraper

On a relatively cold morning, a decently iced-over car meant it was time to put the Iceplane into action. The first thing noticed was that the Iceplane has great grip thanks to the foam pad on the top as well as the diameter of the grip section, and secondly that it’s ultra-stable too. The open-bottomed triangle design, as well as the tough plastic it’s made of, means you can put a large amount of pressure onto it with it spreading, losing shape, or breaking.

On that note, the Iceplane’s construction becomes more rigid the colder it gets, meaning it works better as the temperature drops. However, they state not to use it below -25˚C (-13˚F), we’re guessing because it’ll become too brittle and break, or simply because it’s not been tested that low. They also state that it’s best to leave it in the car to keep it at a similar temperature to the outside of the vehicle, as it’ll blunt much quicker when used warm-to-cold.

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As instructed, we started on the centre of the windscreen first (where the ice is usually thinest), working towards the edges and… it works absolutely brilliantly. Because it has two blades fixed at the perfect angle (45˚), the ice came away twice as quick as it would using the usual flat-type scraper, and it was also really easy to use to, saving both time and effort in the process.

The blades dig right into the ice, and as the manufacturers state, literally blading it away rather than scraping at it. The manufacturer say the Iceplane leaves no scratches, and actually we noticed the UPVC plastic was softer and more forgiving than some of the other cheap scrapers available, which are sometimes so harshly solid they give the impression that it won’t be doing the glass any favours.

ICEPLANE snow and ice car window windscreen scraper makes quick work of solid ice.

Product  Iceplane ice scraper
Variants  White or Pink coloured units, plus bespoke advertising versions
Size  14 x 4.5 x 6.2 cm (5.5 x 1.8 x 2.4″)
 Fits  Average-sized glovebox, armrest, door pocket
Price (Correct: Oct. 2014)   Approx. £6.50 inc. delivery
Made from  Virgin UPVC, foam grip
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Another plus point is the size of the Iceplane: at just 14 cm (5.5″) long and 4.5 cm (1.8″) wide, we found it slotted nicely into the average glovebox, armrest, or door pocket of a car.

Any negatives? We found that catching the blades on hard plastic or metal trim parts easily dents the edges of the UPVC-made scrapers. It’s not too detrimental though, and even after a fair few knocks the Iceplane worked just as effectively at clearing the ice. One more thing: although the long-handled type scrapers may not be as effective to use, they have the advantage of being able to get to the centre of large, wide, or high-up windscreens, whereas if you’re on the shorter side, you may find it difficult to do so with the Iceblade.

ICEPLANE snow and ice car window windscreen scraper fits easily into storage areas.

We’ve yet to test it on even thicker ice (update coming when we do), but aside aside from those couple of points above, for now we’re certainly mightily impressed by the brilliantly-simple yet ultra-effective Iceplane!


A quick search online or at your local car store or petrol station shows there to be about a zillion different varieties of scraper, and they range massively in price from 99 pence to £22.00. At around £6.50 (including delivery), the Iceplane is planted firmly in the middle of the pack, but we feel that it’s worth it for its ergonomic design, non-slip grip, and how quick and effective it is to use compared to ‘normal’ scrapers.

Specs & score

Usability  8.5
Price  8.5
Design  8
Quality  8
Overall Score  8.0 / 10 

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

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