Leatherman Wingman Review; A Classic Multi-Tool Tested

Outstanding value, good quality

Combi-blade, no saw

Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool test. Image shows the combi blade and scissors open

Design and build quality

Leatherman’s Wingman is built to a quality people would expect from a company with over 28 years in business. Its finish and feel comes across as dependable and solidly-built. With design in mind we noticed that in connection with its name, when closed it takes on the shape of an aircraft wing. Possibly a Douglas DC3 Dakota’s. Nice.
Leatherman must be highly confident in their build quality, as they offer a 25-year warranty with the Wingman which we find pretty amazing on a tool of this price! Although there’s physically not many tools on the Wingman, they’ve made the best use of them by making them multi-funtional i.e; a file one side and a ruler on the other, or the can opener with a wire-stripper incorporated. Also, we found every one of the tools regularly useful, instead of there being a stack you’ll rarely use.
Image shows Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool tools, including ruler, file, pliers and others

Our favourite features

We really liked the sharpness of the knife blade, and it’s very well finished. The serrated section is especially vicious (I literally just sliced open my finger after brushing against it), but that’s a good thing. A good feature is that the knife and scissors flip out without having to open the main tool.

We do like the sprung pliers, but there’s also a slight negative to those as well (see below). A small tool on the knife which might seem insignificant, but has proved hugely useful, is the Package Opener. It’s extremely sharp, and makes opening even the thickest cardboard box easy and safe. Why not use the knife instead? Because knives have a tendency to go right through the box and into whatever’s inside.

We loved the release/unlocking pieces for the blade and scissors. They push down easily, and even with wet or cold hands could be located and used with no problems.
Image shows Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool details including scissors, knife blade, using the philips screwdriver and a few other tools

Any drawbacks?

We don’t much like combined blades on most knives or multi-tools, and with the Wingman found that when trying to cut stuff with with straight edge of the blade, the serrated section got in the way and vice versa, as neither section is long enough to do what you fully need. Individually, they would no doubt be excellent and it’s a shame they aren’t.

Having sprung pliers is always a good thing, and the plier teeth have a good depth and grip to them. However, the handles open just slightly too wide if you’re gripping anything big, so it’s hard to get a purchase on them properly. The scissors have a nice opening design, but the thumb shank end section is a little sharp and digs into the thumb uncomfortably. We felt the scissors could have been shaper too.


When we found out the price, we were genuinely surprised! At just under £40, the Wingman is superb value for money. It certainly looks and feels more expensive, and we would have guessed at nearer the £55 – £60 mark.
Image shows Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool folding up. review and test by carproductstested.com

Who’s it good for?

The Leatherman Wingman would be great for anyone wanting a handy multi-tool for generalised use around the home, office or workplace. Its smaller size and light weight mean that it’s hardly noticeable when clipped to your belt or pocket, and it’ll sit nicely your vehicle’s glovebox too. Sure it’d be still good for the outdoors and camping etc, but features such as the mini-ruler and Package Opener mean it’s perfect for the above use.
Leatherman Wingman Multi-tool. Image shows the combi blade stuck into a broken tree stump

Need-To-Know Info:

+ Outstanding value with good quality, tools are ‘everyday useful’, 25 year warranty!

Blade good quality but we dislike combi’s, no saw, pliers spring too far open

Weight:198 grams (8.8oz) | Dimensions closed (mm): Length 97, Width 34, Height (inc. clip) 17 | Functions:
Details here | Colours:Bare metal only | Website Leatherman.co.uk |RRP: £39.95 / $34.50 (prices vary)


Thanks to Pelican PR / Whitby & Co  for supplying the Leatherman.

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies | Other Testers: Nathan Fielder

3 responses to “Leatherman Wingman Review; A Classic Multi-Tool Tested”

  1. Richard

    You will also notice that Leatherman products are not made in China, but are in fact manufactured in Portland, Oregon by people who are paid a living wage, provided benefits and treated with respect. It shows in their products.

  2. David Struble

    I Just bought a Leatherman Wingman and i must say that it is a great value but i wasn’t happy with the wire cutters they seemed a little decorative rather than functional.

    They work but they don’t look like they should.

    My Favorite model is still the Wave.

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