Reviewed! Gerber Legend – Multi-Plier 800

Gerber Legend – Multi-Plier 800

Verdict: + Great pliers, decent quality. - File, 3 flat drivers

review and test of Gerber Legend Multi-Plier 800. Image shows the Legend open with all tools showing

Design and build quality

The Legend – Multi-Plier 800 appears instantly purposeful from the moment you pick it up. It’s a definite workman’s tool and looks like it could have heavy usage day after day without a problem. It certainly looks a lot heavier than it actually is, but as the handles are made from Aluminium this keeps the weight down to around 250 grams.

The handles are grippy, due to the rubber inserts and them having a textured finish, which helped when we used it in wet or cold conditions. It hasn’t got a zillion tools on either, and sticks to a more basics-approach.

Gerber Legend Multi-Plier 800 test and review. Image shows details of its RemGrit saw, pliers, Gerber stamp and knife blade

Our favourite features

One of the testers sung the praises of the replaceable RemGrit saw. A good feature which means if it blunts, instead of having to send it back to the manufacturer for sharpening, you simply buy another, but there are some negatives to it too (see below).

We really liked the sprung pliers, and they are certainly ‘proper’. The wire tungsten carbide wire cutter on them is a total beast, and cut right through 3-core wire like a knife through butter. The cutter is replaceable too. The knife, although a combi-blade which we do dislike, comes well-sharpened and will slice through most of what you throw at it.

Gerber Legend Multi-Plier 800 review. Image shows details of the multi tool including the file, scissors, screwdriver and other tools.

Any drawbacks?

When using the pliers, although the handles do give good grip, we found that the thin ‘unlocks’ for the blades dug into our hands, making it uncomfortable. Coming back to the RemGrit saw, it’s not too good for wood cutting, but rather for tiles, bricks etc. It will cut metal too, but not very efficiently. Also, we found another review where the guys claim they spent hours trying to find hacksaw blades to replace the the RemGrit, but most wouldn’t fit!

Although the scissors are powerful, we have to mention that unfortunately after only a short time using them the spring retainer section on them kept slipping out of place, making them almost impossible to use. Another brief mention should be about the file on the Gerber – the grooves are not very deep, or rough enough to get any work done quickly.

Another thing we didn’t overly like was the fact there are 3 different-sized flat-blade ‘drivers on this tool. As flats are not used much anymore why have that many? We feel the smallest could be replaced with a different tool, such as a mini posi-driver.

Gerber Legend Multi-Plier 800 test. Photo shows the Legend closed and next to its material pouch.Price

This Gerber has some good qualities, but there are some real let-downs that we were disappointed with, and with an RRP of around £100 it seems a little expensive. However, we’ve seen prices vary hugely on the web, so there are some bargains to be had and if you can pick one up for around the mid-£80-mark, then that’s more like it!

Who’s it good for?

If you’re on building sites a lot, then the Gerber Legend – Multi-Plier 800 is an excellent tool to carry around. With those superbly powerful pliers, the beasty blade and a respectable build-quality, you’d find it would come in handy constantly. We always recommend keeping a multi-tool in your vehicle anyway though, and no doubt it’ll come in handy while you’re travelling about!

Need-To-Know Info:

+ Good quality, grippy handles, great pliers, access to tools without opening handles

 File no good, 3 flat screwdrivers

Weight: 250 grams (8.8oz) | Dimensions closed (mm); Length 110, Width 40, Height 26 | Functions: Details here | Colours: Champagne | Website (click): / GerberUK |RRP: £100 / $111 (prices vary)


Thanks to Barker Publicity  for sorting the Gerber multi-tool for us.

Words: Chris Davies | Photo’s: Chris.D, Matt.D | Other Testers: Nath.F

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