SOG PowerAssist S66 review

Superb quality, aggressive blades, powerful pliers, looks awesome

File too dull

SOG PowerAssist S66 Multi-tool. Image shows the SOG fully open and all tools and blades showing

Design and build quality

One of our first impressions of the SOG was its weight – it is heavy! It has a very industrial look, is simply-finished and is built like something we’d find in our grandfather’s toolbox from a time were things were built properly, and to last. It also looks like a piece of the T-800 robot from The Terminator has been blown off. Nice!

The PowerAssist hasn’t a huge amount of tools, but all are useful and well thought-out.

SOG PowerAssist S66 reviewed. The photo shows details of the ruler, stand, Compound Leverage system and other details


We were highly impressed by the PowerAssist S66, and it has loads of great features, and here are a few we really liked. Both blades (one straight, one serrated) are of excellent sharpness and finished to a high standard. We found the serrated knife blade especially impressive – it’s fierce, insanely sharp and would rip an atom in half. The blades both incorporate the SOG Assisted Technology too, so they flick or spring out with one deft movement, making access simple and easy.

The pliers are simply ingenious.With SOG’s ‘Compound Leverage’ system, alongside the pliers’ deep teeth, they have awesome gripping strength and the cutter went through our 3-core wire like it wasn’t there! Another aspect of the S66 we loved was the V-Cutter. This can be used for cutting webbing, material, seat belts etc, and if you’re into your hunting, it would be very deft for skinning animals.

A useful feature was the ‘Piano-Locks’ which hold the smaller tools such as the screwdriver, can opener etc open. They keep them firmly in place, but when you come to unlock them, it makes it really very easy.

Sog PowerAssist S66. Image shows detail of its pliers, 2 main blades, various tools and ruler detail

Any drawbacks?

A couple of negatives we came across. Firstly, the file – it was nowhere near rugged or deep enough and just doesn’t seem to fit in with the overall industrial feel of the S66. It needs changing to something more aggressive for sure. There’s no saw on this SOG either, and we’re of the opinion it should actually replace the file instead.

Something else (which can be a matter of opinion) is that the pliers are unsprung. We’d have preferred them to be, but perhaps with the Assisted Technology there’s no room for this feature? A less significant thing is the little knobs for both opening the blades, and the ones for unlocking them. If your hands are warm they are fine, but if the weather is cold, they dig uncomfortably into the skin when you’re opening and closing the blades often.


At £90.95 this may seem expensive, but it really is worth every penny. The brilliant quality of it, and the way it’s been thought-out and executed makes it well worth your hard-earned cash. Buy it, and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

SOG PowerAssist S66 Multi-tool skinning tool cutting through fabric.

Who’s it good for?

The SOG PowerAssist S66 is a great all-rounder of a multi-tool. Whether you’re out on a building site, road tripping, camping, hunting or just plain ol’ lazing about your house bored, the S66 will come in useful. Okay, it’s maybe on the heavy side for backpacking, but for all the above reasons it’s simply excellent.

Need-To-Know Info

Weight: 264 grams (9.3oz) | Dimensions closed (mm): Length 120, Width 42, Height 21 | Functions: Details here | Colours: Satin polished metal or Black Oxide | Website (click): |Price: £90.95 / $115

Thanks a bunch to BushGear for sending us this SOG knife.

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matt Davies, Nathan Fielder

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