Victorinox Flash reviewed – Cool looks, Scalding price

Victorinox Flash review. Images shows it being used in a car stereo with a USB port. ©CarProductsTested2012



+ Useful tools, cool looks

 Priced too high

What’s a Victorinox Flash?

No, it’s not some Swiss dude prone to showing random people his naked body. Instead, thankfully, the Flash is a miniature (and rather cute) version of their pocket-knife, with its main feature being a foldaway, removable memory stick/flash drive.

Design and Build: 8/10

Review of the Victorinox Flash. Image shows the Flash all closed up. ©CarProductsTested2012

At around only 60mm in length and 18mm wide, the Victorinox Flash looks, as mentioned, much like a mini-me variant of their Swiss Army Knife. It’s build to the same high standard too, and isn’t some cheapo product they’ve knocked together in the spare of the moment. It’s a true Victorinox, be assured of that, and things like the way the tiny knife snaps briskly and firmly into place like its big brothers backs this up.

It comes in one colour – Translucent Red – and it’s extremely cool to be able to see all the electronics inside.

Features: 5/10

Victorinox Flash reviewed. Image shows the tiny scissors being used. ©CarProductsTested2012

Firstly, let’s go through what features the Flash has. Its main detail is the fold-out/removable memory stick. In our case it came with the 2GB capacity, but Victorinox also sells 4, 8, 16, 32 and even a 64GB version! That’s a lot of software space right there.

Around the top of the tool is a pull-back locking mechanism, which opens to allow the flash drive to be folded out or removed. The flash both unclips and pivots at the other end of the casing, allowing you to angle it for whatever computer device you’re using, should you want to keep it attached. The reason for the removable stick is so you can use it in-flight, and chuck the rest of the Victorinox into your suitcase, saving it from being thrown away by extremely zealous airport security.

Review of Victorinox Flash. Image shows the knife and nail file folded out. ©CarProductsTested2012

The rest of the tools include a tiny 35mm knife blade, a nail file with flat-blade screwdriver of the same length, a pair of little scissors, an LED flashlight (push the Victorinox emblem to turn on) and a hidden ball-point pen which extends out of the casing at the pushing of a button. Something cool that truly shows Victorinox have thought this one through is that to use the pen better, you simply open out the nail file and this rests on your hand, enabling you to use it just like a normal pen. Simple, but genius!

All the tools on the Victorinox Flash are of excellent quality, with the knife and scissors surprisingly sharp and effective. Don’t go trying to fend off a bear or mountain lion with the miniature blade though – it would be truly disastrous, and could only end badly  for the arm holding the tool.

Test and review of the Victorinox Flash. Image shows the little L.E.D light being used. ©CarProductsTested2012

The Victorinox Flash is a super useful piece of kit to keep in your car. For a start it’s small so takes up little room in the glovebox or door pocket, if you have a stereo with a USB port, you can load a stack of albums onto the flash drive for journeys, the LED light is great if you’ve dropped the only £1 coin for the parking meter down between the seats, and if you need to write something down pronto, just flick the mini pen out.

Price: 2/10

With a retail price of nearly £52.00, even the 2GB model we were sent seems too pricy. From there up the price skyrockets into crazy figures, with the 64GB a massive £392.00! Having done some research, you can buy a decent enough memory stick with that capacity for about £70.00. Plus, almost the same model as the Flash, just minus the LED light and flash drive – namely the Victorinox Signature Swiss Army Knife – costs a mere £18.00 – so where does the rest of the cost come from for the Victorinox Flash? It’s a case of ‘no comprende’ for us on this.

Our Verdict. Overall Score: 5/10

Victorinox Flash test and review. Image shows the ball point pen being used to write 'Victorinox'. ©CarProductsTested2012

The Victorinox Flash is very cool, and there are some good features on it. Believe us, we really wanted to rate it higher so badly, but the overly high prices makes the Flash far, far less appealing. If you want to either make the Victorinox Flash a gift or give it as a kind of promotional item for a business package, then whoever got one would be very, very happy. But if you’re on an average wage though, save your money and buy the £18.00 Signature and a separate large-capacity USB stick.

Need-to-know info

Size58 x 18 x 19.5 mm | Colour: Translucent Red | Features: Removable USB memory stick, slim knife, scissors, ball-point pen, nail file with flat screwdriver | Flash Drive options (GB): 4/8/16/32/64 | Victorinox Flash RRP:  2GB – £51.49/4GB – £62.99/8GB – £79.99/16GB – £125.99/32GB – £214.49/64GB – £391.99 | Website: (click)

Words: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

2 responses to “Victorinox Flash reviewed – Cool looks, Scalding price”

  1. Alex Meyer

    In the classic Victorinox line of prices… I’ve never understood the pricing besides it being Swiss and therefore Swiss-wise priced. But for the overall quality of the Victorinox tools I’ve tested, I think they are WAY beyond their real market price.

  2. John

    Such a cool thing! although the price is a bit high.

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