Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Review – A Decent Motor Home for Your Phone

High quality, cool looks, works very well, multi-use magnet

Can’t be transferred short-term

Nite Ize Steelie?

Steelie car iPhone smartphone gadget car mount kit box

Nite Ize are all about innovative, useful products across a range of different gear, and in the past we’ve tested their Nite Dawg LED collar and lead. Nite Ize has now launched their Steelie products – a range of cool metal devices for holding your smartphone or tablet in place. We’ve been sent the Steelie Car Mount Kit to review, so let’s gave a go and see what, and how, it does.

So, we begin with the fact that as smartphones get expand in their usefulness to drivers, more and more are using them for listening to music through the stereo via bluetooth or auxiliary ports and also using the built-in maps feature or a sat nav application for their routes, Be honest, much of the time you either keep the phone in your lap to change songs, or balance or rest it somewhere you can see the screen, in which case you find it slips down as you brake, or fly off its perch as you accelerate, then making it a danger as you poke around trying to find it.

Even if you have a car mount kit, it can still be a pain mounting it somewhere you can see the screen, and then the mount usually vibrates and they also look pretty ugly too.

The Steelie Car Mount Kit is an utterly genius product, eliminating all those issues with just one very cool-looking car mount, and there’s also a little something that’ll make your phone even more useful other place than the car.

How it works

First off, there’s a magnet to attach to your phone. A magnet!? Erm… why, and surely it’ll affect the phone? Well, with every Steelie product you need to attach a magnet to your device, that’s how they work. Secondly, no it will not damage or harm your device’s electronics. Once you’ve attached that to the back of your phone and let the sticky pad ‘set’ fully, you can now attach the Steelie car mount, in whichever vehicle you use most would be sensible.

attaching magnet - Steelie car iPhone smart phone gadget car mount

Don’t worry about the glue application on your dash, as apparently it won’t mark or do any permanent damage, should you want to remove it in future. After you let that set on fully overnight, that’s it, you’re ready to go. It’s a simple process and only took us about 15 minutes to sort both out.

Steelie iphone phone car mount kit being stuck to the dashboard.

Weight  71 grams (2.5 oz)
Dimensions  1 1/8″ (28.5mm) tall X 1 1/16″ (27.1mm)
Warranty  2 years
Colour  Chrome
Bundle  Nite Ize Car Mount, Magnet
Uses  In-car or anywhere with a magnetic surface
Website  Whitby & Co UKNite Ize UK, Nite Ize USA
Price  £34.95

Is is any good though?

The Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit is something brilliantly simplistic, and it works well. Get your phone or MP3 player with the Steelie magnet attached, and place it on the Steelie car mount, then flip, push or pull it around until you get it in the right position for reading your screen. We plugged an iPhone charger lead and auxiliary cable when it was on the mount, and it didn’t pull the phone around or out of place, so there’s a definite positive, and means you can keep that battery-sucking sat nav app open while it’s on the stand, while still being able to see it fine.

Steelie iphone phone car mount kit review in use

The Steelie mount is round, so if you want to flip your device round horizontal to flick through your tunes, that’s not a problem. Being able to adjust it virtually any way means you can get the best position to keep glare off the screen. It’s also good as your passenger can angle it towards them if they want to watch a film while you’re driving.

There’s a lot of driving-related apps out there where the Steelie mount with your phone on in easy viewing would come in handy; satellite navigation/GPS, music, flicking though the phonebook, compass and altimeter for if you’re off-road, speed limit reminder, one of those awful – and insulting – car insurance scorer’s and whatever else you like to use. Don’t worry about your phone vibrating or moving on the Steelie mount when you’re driving, as it doesn’t. Even off-road I think it’d stay put.

Steelie iphone phone car mount kit review in use on the dashboard

The other good thing is that now you’ve got the magnet on your phone, you can stick your device to loads of metal stuff for non-car use. It’s a really strong magnet too, and I even managed to get it to stick to a small rivet in the back of a coach seat, so I could watch films in peace while every one else has to hold their phone until their arm gets tired. Nice.

The big drawback is that unlike a normal cradle, you can’t simply take the Steelie car mount from car to car, so if you’ve got a rental on hire, or you’re borrowing a car off someone, you’re pretty much screwed, and since your phone now has a magnet stuck to the back, that most likely hinder it when it comes to using a normal cradle. Another negative is that if you’re using a solid case, it won’t fit over the magnet. A case made of rubber or flexible soft plastic is fine though, and I’ve kept mine one with no problem, and it’ll also still fit in your jean’s pockets fine too.

Is the Steelie the best iPhone car mount, or the best droid/smartphone car mount around? Let’s put it this way – you’re certainly going to be hard-pressed to find something as cool and well-made as the Nite Ize Steelie at this moment.


The Nite Ize Steelie Car Mount Kit is a simple, but brilliant bit of kit. It’s also much tougher and way cooler than most phone mounts for the car. It is made well, and out of high quality materials too. I’ve only had it fitted a few weeks, and it’s already come in handy a load of times. Having the magnet on the back of the phone is also good for other uses. The negative’s I’ve mentioned already, but buy it for one single vehicle and you can’t go wrong.


Design & Build  9.0
Use  8.5
Price  8.5
Overall  8.5

Words: Chris Davies | Tested by: Chris Davies | Photography: Chris Davies, Matthew Davies

Thanks to Whitby & Co for supplying the Steelie kit

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  1. Patricia Topper

    The good thing about this product is that it is small and doesn’t occupy much space. I wonder though if it lasts long considering its method of installment that might easily be affected by heat or cold.

  2. merriell

    Does the dashboard part stick to textured surfaces well?

  3. William Fulton

    Crap waisted my money. Magnet not strong enough to hold my phone in place in any position. I can get it to stay but least little jar and it falls off. Total BS

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