A Tough Case To Crack? – We Test the Peli i1075 Hardback


Verdict: + Ultra-durable protection for iPads - Little storage space

Peli i1075 ipad case. Image shows case being drenched with rain and staying fully waterproof

What does it do?

The official Peli description is ‘Protect your iPad from those heartbeat-skipping mishaps with the Pelican 1075 HardBack™ Case. Constructed of high strength ABS, the [i]1075 is dustproof, watertight, and crushproof‘.

Design and build quality

Peli (or Pelican) have built themselves a fine reputation worldwide for the toughness of their cases. Their i1075 Hardback Case is clearly built to the same high standards of their larger cases. It has a pre-shaped soft rubber insert, specifically made for the iPad, iPad 2 and new iPad. The iPad sits snugly on four elevated, rubber mounts, and the inside of the lid holds the iPad firmly in place.Underneath where the iPad sits is storage for an official Apple wireless keyboard, a charger (our didn’t fit though), and three shallow sections for headphones, wires etc.

The i1075 even has an easel section which the iPad can sit in in a horizontal or vertical position. This has been handy on a load of occasions, and is an excellent feature. The case is fully watertight to 3 feet, and has a 3 feet drop-distance too (we took it well beyond that). There’s a Purge Valve at the front of the case, meaning when you shut it the air is pushed out but none is let back in. There’s also a hole each side of clasp, where we think you could clip small locks to stop the case being opened. A nice touch for peace-of-mind.

Peli i1075 ipad case test and review. Image shows four photographs of the case with and without iPad

Test time…

This case was clearly designed to keep the rather expensive iPad well out of harms way, and Peli have a reputation to live up to! Time for us to put the i1075 Hardback through its paces then…
Note; should anything have gone wrong, we can’t afford to replace our iPad, so we made a cardboard replacement of exactly the same dimensions, and taped a fragile lightbulb in the centre. If the bulb broke, the case hadn’t done its job fully!

Waterproof Test:

The Peli i1075 is supposed to be fully waterproof to 3 feet. It was. Absolutely no water got in, and no air bubbles escaped when it was held underwater, meaning it’s utterly water-tight. The case floated well too. We also thoroughly hosed-down all around the edges where the seals are. Zero water entered. Nicely done

Buried in mud (dust resistance):

We dug a hole and chucked in the Peli case before re-covering it with dirt. We slammed the spade onto the mud to flatten it and force it onto the case. Then we dug it back up, catching the i1075 heavily several times in the process. No dirt or dust got in and the spade barely scuffed the ABS-made body. Durable stuff.

Hit with spade (Impact resistance test 1):

Giving the case (both sides) some heavy wangs with a metal spade, we were really sure it had broken the bulb inside, but no. This thing is crazy-tough!

Kicked (Impact resistance test 2):

We gave the Peli i1075 case the boot several times at its weakest point – in the centre of either the lid or underneath. The case can’t have flexed much as the bulb we put in stayed in one piece. Nice

Dropped and thrown (Impact resistance test 3):

We thought dropping the case 3 feet flat to the floor was a bit pansy, so we decided to thrown it firstly around 15 feet into the air and 20 feet forward, onto grass. It was fine, so we then threw it around 6 feet up and 10 feet forward, onto (very) solid block paving stones. On all 3 occasions the case stayed shut, and only gained a few scratches and scuffs. The bulb inside didn’t break either. Impressive, certainly!

Living with it day-to-day:

The extra weight over the iPad itself is noticeable at first, but we soon got used to that. The included adjustable strap is a good call too, and is comfy-enough. A drawback is not being able to keep paperwork and mags etc inside, as there’s simply not enough room. We love being able to throw the Peli case into our vehicles, and catch it hard against door frames or concrete walls without worrying about damage to the iPad – the more beat-up the case gets, the more purposeful it looks and that’s fine with us!


We were seriously impressed at how the Peli i1075 Hardback Case passed our tough-tests with ease, and simply brushed them off. Cost-wise, the £82.00 RRP is totally worth the money. This case was designed to protect your iPad in a big way, and it undertakes its mission exceptionally well. Whether you’re trekking though a rain forest, traipsing over sand dunes or simply lobbing it under tables at café’s, this is the case to have.

Note: Peli also makes case for other makes of tablets and netbooks and laptops. See their website.

Need-To-Know Info:

+ Insanely durable and ultra-protective case, peace of mind for one’s beloved iPad 

 Very little storage space

Weight: 1kg | Dimensions (mm): L 314 W 248 D 54 | Includes: Shoulder strap | Features: Waterproof 3ft, Drop height 3ft, dustproof, crushproof | Colours: Black | Use with: iPad, iPad 2, New iPad | Website: (click) Peli UKPeli Ireland, Peli U.SPrice: £60 – to £81.19 (RRP)


Many thanks to Peli U.K. for supplying the i1075 case

Words/Testers: Chris Davies | Photo’s/Films: Matt Davies, Chris Davies, 

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