Reviewed: Peli i1015 Micro Case


Peli i1015 Micro Case


Verdict: + Looks tough, built tougher - Not fully waterproof, bulky

test and review of the Peli i1015 micro case by

iPhone, Android, Smartphone – they don’t come cheap. If you’re planning a holiday, or do a lot of outdoor stuff, you’ll want to protect it. What y’all need is the Peli i1015 Case then!

As with any Peli case, this is one tough beast, and you can be sure your kit will be well-shielded from the elements. Our rather severe trials showed Peli still maintains its position as a leader in its field…

First thoughts

test and review of the Peli i1015 case by

At nearly 50mm in depth, twice that in width and 170mm long it’s pretty flippin’ big! It’s also heavy at around 216 grams (370g with an iPhone 4 inside).

If you want a slim, lightweight phone case that size, go buy that type! The i1015 is all about keeping your phone (extremely) safe and secure, away from the most vicious conditions – and, like an armoured vehicle, they don’t come small.


There’s not many. Although you can buy a clear-screen option, you obviously can’t touch the screen of your phone, and you can’t use the camera through it either. However, you can plug your earphones into the external jack which is connected to your phone inside the case. Neat idea! There’s also room to store your headphones inside the case too, saving them from a dusty or watery death.

Test and review of the Peli i1015 micro case  The open/close latch clips the unit together firmly and securely, with a positive and reassuring ‘Clack’ sound as you do this. Although it looks like it’d take Superman and Batman combined to open it again, it’s actually pleasantly easy – excellent if you need to answer the phone when someone’s Grandma calls you six times in a row by mistake.

There’s also a carabiner (like climbers use), so you can clip the case to your rucksack, belt loop or perhaps off an ear should you have exceptionally strong lobes and an SAS-like pain barrier.



The Peli i1015 Case body is made from über-strong Polycarbonate and boasts of being ‘crush-proof, airtight and water resistant‘, but is it? Let’s check out those claims! Sorry Peli case, this isn’t going to be easy on you.

Note; Okay, we know that Peli say their i1015 case is not fully submersible or watertight, but we wanted to see how far we could push the boundaries. Having an earphone jack means water can damage that if it gets in, so using common sense and some tape, we blocked in the hole before testing. As we can’t afford to go buying a iPhone after every test, we opted for a more safe way, using white tissue in the case instead – that way we could tell if any moisture or dirt got into it during the tasks.

Water resistance: Dropped into water from a height, left to float, submerged several times, drenched throughly with hosepipe. Result – Passed. Only a few drops of water got in – the  i1015 goes way beyond just being water-resistant.

test and review of the Peli i1015 micro case for carproductstested.comDust and mud-proof: Buried completely, mud packed flat, dug back up (spade hit the case several times in process). Results – Passed. No dirt got through, and seals were clean.

Kicked and thrown: Booted hard (with boots) in a football-style several times, and thrown as far as possible, landing on short grass. Result – Passed. No damage and its clasp stayed shut.

Left in machine: Put into metal tumble drier for a few minutes. Result – Passed. A few light scuffs was the only damage, and the case remained shut.

Run over with two-ton 4×4: Over 500kgs went over the top of the i1015 – twice! That weight was pushing the Peli into sharp stones, so the pressure on it was immense. Result – Passed! The case had several deep gouges out of it, the clasp was very slightly damaged, and the hinge was broken at one end. The Peli still works fine though, and would have protected whatever was inside.

After all that: We dropped the case – which had exactly the same weight inside as an iPhone – into water, and it floated right back up to the surface. Even when we held it under water, only a minimal amount of water entered the case, and even then it went into the bottom of it, out of the way of where your phone would sit.

Final thoughts

The Peli i1015 Micro Case is possibly one of the most protective phone cases in the world today. For everyday ‘normal’ use, it’s simply not practical for a few reasons, but if you’re in very hostile environments, this phone is well worth considering. Our extreme trials prove that this little Peli can run proudly alongside its much bigger brothers in terms of toughness and build quality. Is it worth the money? Absolutely. It costs between £30 – £43, but that’s much cheaper than replacing your £400 smart phone!

Need-To-Know Info:

+ Looks tough, built tougher, well-designed, good price

 Not fully waterproof (but very nearly), on the bulky side

Weight: 216 grams | Dimensions; External (mm): Length 170, Width 99, Depth 47 / Internal (mm): L 131, W 67, D 35 | Build: Polycarbonate with Thermal Plastic rubber lining | Takes: iPhone(s), iPod Touch and other smartphones/androids (check for sizing) | Fits into coat pocket: Yes | Colours: Clear, Black | Websites: (click) Peli UK, Peli Ireland, Peli USA

RRP: £43.50

Thanks to Peli Uk for supplying the i1015 Micro Case. Think your company’s phone case is as good as this one? Get in touch and we’ll review it!

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