Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Dog Collar and Leash Tested

Well made, good price, look cool, excellent safety feature

Uncomfortable hand loop on leash, collar not illuminated fully

 Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Dog collar and NiteDawg LED Dog leash review. Image shows the products in their packaging.

When perusing the products that the good chaps at Whitby & Co distribute, we wanted stuff for the Trip and Travel section. So, an LED dog collar and leash it was. Naturally. Why though, and what’s it got to do with the travel section? Well, truth be told, not much but we’ll wangle them in somehow. These are very cool products, and you can use them to good effect in the great outdoors, so there’s two good reasons! The Nite Ize NiteDawg LED dog collar and leash come separately, so chose either or both. Nite Ize make a stack of gadgets, and these are just a couple. Check out their website and have a nosey around.

Design and build quality

Pulling the NiteDawg collar and leash from the packaging, I half expected them to be, well, crappy. There are a ton of badly-made LED products out there on sites like eBay, and wading through them to find something decent is like looking for a diamond in manure sometimes. Good news though! Nite Ize have made some quality products right here.

Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Dog collar and NiteDawg LED Dog leash. Image shows the two without the LED light on.

On both the leash and collar the webbing-strap-like nylon material is tough, and of a high standard. Handling the products they physically feel good quality, even down to parts like the metal spring clip on the leash, or the heavy duty plastic buckle on the LED collar.

Colours  Leash: Red only | Collar: Red or Orange
Dimensions  Leash: 5 feet (1.5 metres), LED section: 18″ (45.7 cm) | Collar: Various sizes
Waterproof?  Water resistant switch
Battery  Included. 1 x CR2032 3V
Modes  Glow or Flash
Website  Nite Ize UK, Nite Ize USA, Whitby&Co
Buy Now Shop for Nite Ize LED Dog Collar and Lead
Price  Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Collar: £17.95 ($17.49) | Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Leash: £17.95 ($17.49)

NiteDawg LED leash and collar in the real world

What’s the point of these Nite Ize products though? Why not just use a normal leash and collar? If you’re a dog owner like me, you’ll probably have had people walking towards you down a dark street nearly jump out their skin when they nearly walk into your dog because they’ve not seen it ’till last minute. It’s hilarious, but having to carry out CPR regularly is not.

Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Dog collar and NiteDawg LED Dog leash. Image shows the LED on a dog down a street at night.

Using the NiteDawg collar and leash, there’s no chance of people missing your dog and it’s handy for other walkers so they can cross the road to avoid a tangle of leashes as the beasts clash. I get comments regularly about how cool they look too, so my dog’s happy at least. If you take your dog with you when mountain climbing or hill, walking these are superb for that too. If you’re late down off the peak and the light is going, it’s hard to see exactly where your canine is, especially when it darts across your path to sniff some weird scent left by a ferret, and you can end up tripping over the beast. This is embarrassing, and you’ll hurt your knee or worse, grasping it with a sharp intake of breath in a Family Guy stylee.

Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Dog collar and NiteDawg LED Dog leash. Image shows the two lit up.

The NiteDag leash and collar are excellent safety tools too. Wearing them, your dog is far more visible than you are when crossing a road, and it gives drivers way more of a chance of avoiding it should it happen to suddenly pull into the road. The NiteDawg LED leash lights up for the first 18 inches nearest to the loop for your hand, and right the way down the centre for both the least and collar is a highly reflective strip that lights up when car headlights hit it, making them even more visible.

Night ize LED dog collar and lead lit up.

Any other uses? I found when training my dog to come back after I let him off the lead at night, he disappears into the darkness in seconds. With the LED collar, I can see him bounding and bouncing around the field crazily a long, long way off. Nite Ize say the LED lead and collar are visible for up to 1,000 feet, which is a huge distance. I didn’t get to test them that far, but they are certainly bright for a good long distance.


Another point, you can set the collar and lead to either glow or flash mode. Flash mode will give 100 hours of battery life, while the glow setting gives 75 hours. Outstanding considering they only take one tiny CR2032 lithium 3 volt battery! Replacements are seriously cheap too, and we found a pack of five on Amazon for around £2.50. Talking of price, the NiteDawg LED leash retails at £17.95 ($17.49) , and the LED collar at the same price in whichever size your dog needs. A very fair amount considering the quality of them.

Nite Ize NiteDawg LED Dog collar and NiteDawg LED Dog leash review. This shows the collar and leash lit up, and how effective it is.

Any negatives?

Overall, the Nite Ize NiteDawg collar and leash are very good and I can only pick up a couple of points that need improvement. Firstly, I found that the loop on the lead for your hand is just webbing strap. While strong, it isn’t comfortable, particularly if your dog is strong and pulls. It could do with some decent cushioning to make it more comfortable. Secondly, the collar doesn’t light up all the way around, where the switch and buckle are, which is okay if you’re just using the collar on it’s own (say, if you’re using a harness), but takes away a good few inches of illumination once the collar is turned to where you clip in the lead. I don’t see Nite Ize could improve, but hey, their game is innovation so I’m sure they’ll find a way.

Verdict and score

Design & Quality  8
Price  9
Overall 8.5 / 10


I’m giving both the Nite Ize NiteDawg LED leash and collar the big thumbs up. I use these every time I take my dog for a walk in the dark, they’re simply brilliant for all the reasons mentioned and I only have a couple of minor gripes about them. With your wee beasties going through toys like they grow on trees, these are comparatively cheap and they are two of the coolest and most useful products you’ll ever buy for your dog.

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